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We are your one-stop solution to Reliable, Trustworth and Experienced Financial Services. Our Team has a wide-array of experience to put your business finances in order through sound bookkeeping and tax principles.

Get to know our knowledgeable team of bookkeepers and tax professionals. We are a family here at JRD & Associates. We believe in helping our clients to achieve their business and financial goals so they can gain a better quality of life while growing their company.

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The Calendar of Events is a useful tool to keep track of important dates for tax and financial deadlines.



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We have found JRD & Associates to be proficient and well qualified in all aspects of our accounting services. They are professional and courteous with those they work with and work hard to keep all aspects of our financials secure and private.


We have been impressed by the new systems and procedures they have put in place to help our company to become more efficient while implementing additional updated accounting practices... They work closely with our CPA to make sure we have accurate financials and tax returns.


We recommend them highly.

Dr. David M.