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Our Firm


JRD & Associates has been in business since 1993. Our team is comprised of highly motivated, genuine people that enjoy assisting their clients in achieving their business goals. Our staff believe that the best path to success is to make sure that all aspects of your business are in alignment with each other so that you can enjoy your success now and in the future.


JRD & Associates continually work to increase their knowledge and expertise in the fields of business, finance and tax so they can bring more value to you and your company as a whole.


The Members of our Team believe in business with integrity and honesty as the core values for all decisions and processes. They say, "Honesty and Integrity as core values, create a successful business model that is sustainable long-term".


The personable staff at JRD & Associates is here to guide and assist you in making the best decisions possible in your business. They go the extra mile to get things done so that you can rest better knowing this aspect of your company is in good hands and being handled professionally and accurately.




Get To Know Us

CEO / Founder


Jeni Dreis is our Founder and CEO. She specializes in saving companies that are in trouble. She also does a number of projects as the CFO and/or CEO while restructuring companies to put them back on the path of success.


Jeni heads up our talented team of bookkeepers and tax preparers, leading the company with her vast knowledge in the business arena.


Known for her honest, straight forward approach to the day-to-day problems each business experiences, Jenifer is a talented problem solver.


Jeni has been in the bookkeeping and finance industry since 1987. She started her first business when she was 15 years old and continues to excel in business to this day. She truly knows and understands what being an entrepreneur involves. She loves helping others achieve their business and personal goals.



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